Becoming A Member

The Little Grange That Could!
The Mansford Grange is a small rural grange with big ideas! 
Our mission is to build a stronger sense of community in the Darrington area!

Would you like to get involved in building a stronger community?

The grange brings a lot of wonderful things to the community such as every Friday night we offer BINGO for a fun night out, Game Night, Canning Workshops.  We also have several special events every year like the Spring Plant & Bake Sale, Comedy Night, the Community 4th of July Fair and Harvest Festival.  Our little grange is the home to the Boy scouts, Cub Scouts and Girls Scouts.   out.  Because Darrington has the Mansford Grange Hall we are able to have activities such as community dances, Zumba, yoga and a place to rent for special occasions.  Can you imagine Darrington without the Mansford Grange?  It all takes members to make this happen!