What Is A Grange Hall?

A grange hall is a building owned and maintained by grange members.  Many times the building is referred to as the "Grange" but if it were not for a group of grange members there would be no building at all.

For many rural communities it would be hard to imagine not having a grange hall.  For many people they just assume the hall that has served the area for so many years will always continue to be there meeting the needs of the surrounding people.  Without the devoted members of a grange the hall would not exist!  The hall must be maintained, heated and cleaned this is all done by volunteers and fund raisers for the buildings expense.  The Mansford Grange welcomes new members, donations and volunteers to help with work parties.

What does the Mansford Grange Hall do for the Darrington community?  The hall is home to the Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts.  It also offers an affordable place where we can have Zumba, yoga, art shows, plays, live music on Sundays and dances. The grange has their Friday BINGO, Game Night, canning workshops, Comedy Night, Spring Plant & Bake Sale and Harvest Festival.  Our hall is for rent and many of our community members remember fondly the weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and parties they enjoyed over the years at the hall.  Community Is Job One!  Our members are devoted to the community and try to keep the Mansford Grange Hall rental affordable so that it can better serve the Darrington Community!