Work Parties

Many people every year enjoy the Mansford Grange Hall for holding family and neighborhood parties, dances, weddings, seminars, presentations and so much more.  Grange Halls don't just happen it takes dedicated people clean, heated and maintained.

Twice a year the Mansford Grange holds work parties for cleaning &painting along with other hall maintenance projects.  There is also much work to be done on the grounds surrounding the grange hall as well.

Nels Rasmussen repainting the tables at the grange,
photo by Martha Rasmussen

Our grange hall is a busy building serving about 3,000 community members a year.  The cost to rent the grange is kept very affordable as it is the priority of the Mansford Grange to meet the needs of the Darrington Community. 

Theresa Anderson taping the windows in preparation for painting,
photo by Martha Rasmussen

Due to the constant use of the grange hall a certain amount of wear and tear
accumulates over a year and much of the maintenance work is done by volunteers.

Angela Moore painting the window trim at the grange hall.
photo by Martha Rasmussen

Would you like to volunteer to lend a hand at our next Mansford Grange work party?  We would love to have you!  See our Calendar for upcoming work party dates.

Andy Moore sanding a table in preparation for painting,
photo by Martha Rasmussen