The Giant Zucchini Hall Of Fame

Mansford Having A little Fun With Those Green Giants Lurking In The Vegetable Patch!
The Giant Zucchini!

No Ann, you are not this year's winner!
Better luck next year!

For all of us that enjoy growing the very abundant zucchini summer squash in our vegetable gardens, we learn that over the season we have plenty to share with our neighbors and friends!  By late summer we will be going on a quest to find new and exciting zucchini recipes! We also all learn how big a zucchini can grow when not harvested in a timely fashion!

So we are suggesting you let that big one grow as big as it can Get!  Bring it to the next Mansford Grange Giant Zucchini Hall Of Fame!  Start planning to raise the giant one this spring, start bragging rights this summer and bring it into the Mansford Grange Harvest Festival in early October.  You may have the giant for the year!  Zucchinis are measured by length and diameter.

The Last Winners Were: Maxine & Kerry Frable
17.5 inches in diameter - 21.5 inches long