Grange Hall Rental Agreement

Mansford Grange Hall Rental and Hold Harmless Agreement

Rental agreement made on___(Day)__________(M)___________(Y)  between Mansford Grange, hereinafter known as owner,

and _______________(First Name)_________________________(Last Name),  hereinafter known as renter.

The Owner and Renter Hereby Agree As Follows

(1) Rental of Grange Hall Owner hereby rents to renter, renter rents from owner the Grange Hall located at 1265 Railroad Ave. Darrington WA 98241 for the period commencing at ______________(time) on _______________(date)  and time date

expiring at ___________(time) on ______________(date) .

(2) Payment by Renter With the execution of this agreement, Renter shall pay $_________ rent for the period stated and a $50.00 damage deposit which will be retained by owner until completion of rental period and inspection of Grange Hall.

(3) Purpose The Grange Hall shall be used by renter solely for the purpose of________________________________

and the renter shall not use or allow use of the Grange Hall or its premises for any other purpose, or in violation of any law, ordinance, or government regulation, or for any purpose or in any manner hazardous to the Grange Hall or unsafe to any occupants.

(4) Condition of Grange Hall Renter acknowledges, that the renter has examined the Grange Hall and premises, is satisfied with the condition thereof and relies completely upon such examination, and not upon any representation or promise of Owner or any other person in renting the Grange Hall.

(5) Alcoholic Beverages Renter shall be responsible for all liability occurring or resulting from the consumption

of any alcoholic beverage in the Grange Hall or on its premises during the rental period, also as a condition of the rental agreement the renter must have an alcohol permit to serve or allow to be served during any rental period .

(6) Orderly Conduct Renter shall maintain order throughout the rental period, and shall not engage in, or allow others to engage in any event or conduct in the Grange Hall or on its premises which may cause harm, Injury or damage to persons or property during the rental period.

(7) Licenses and permits Renter shall secure from the public agencies having jurisdiction, any license or permit required as to any activity or purpose for which the Grange Hall or on its premises are to be used, and shall pay any cost or fee required for such license or permit.

(8) Return of Grange Hall Upon expiration of rental period, Renter shall return the Grange Hall and its premises to Owner in the same condition as at commencement of the rental period, as stated in paragraph (3) above. Attached is an inspection check list which must be signed by both renter and owner prior to deposit refund.

(9) Damages If use of the Grange Hall by Renter results in damage to the Grange Hall, its premises, or any contents furnished by Owner, the Renter shall be liable to the Owner for the amount of such damage. The Owner shall apply the damage deposit referred to in paragraph (2) above, up to the amount of such damage. If the amount of damage exceeds the amount of the damage deposit, the Renter shall pay the Owner the amount of such excess promptly upon demand by the Owner. If Renter fails to pay such excess amount when so demanded, and Owner brings suit against Renter to recover the same, Owner shall be entitled to be awarded costs and reasonable attorney fees in addition to any amount awarded Owner by the Court for the damage. However, Owner shall promptly return to the Renter any portion of the damage deposit which is in excess of dam-age, if any, to the Grange Hall, its premises, or contents furnished by the Owner.

(10) Hold Harmless Renter shall defend, indemnify, and hold Owner harmless from any and all claims, losses, liability, demands, suits, or judgments, including attorney’s fees, legal costs, brought against Owner by any person or entity for deaths or inju-ries to persons of for loss or damage to property arising out of or in connection with the use and occupancy of the Grange Hall and its premises by Renter, its agent, servants, employees, or invitees whether or not caused by Owner’s negligence. 

(11) Insurance Provisions: The following Insurance provision a.

  • is applicable:

  • is not applicable:

(a) The Owner shall be named on the Renter’s liability insurance as an Additional Insured for liability arising out of the use of the Grange Hall by the Renter for the duration of the rental period.

(12) Entire Agreement Modification This document contains the entire agreement and understanding between the parties re-lating to the Grange Hall and its premises. No modification or claimed waiver shall be binding upon any of the parties unless in writing made after the date hereof making specific reference to this agreement and singed by the Owner and the Renter.

Singed at ____________________________(city),_______(State) this_____(day) of___________________________(month,__________(year)

By Owner______________________________________________________

By Renter______________________________________________________